I have been busy the past 10 years, researching the roots of our families. I have had roadblocks and successes in this endeavor. The roots are extending down deep, many families and many stories. My grandmother Jennie Mae Cohen was the family historian.

She passed her family quest baton to me, her granddaughter. My passion has become genealogy and its discoveries waiting to unfold. My heritage includes: German, Jewish, English, Menorcan and who knows what else. These have all intertwined to create me and my children and their heritage is blended with my spouse’s families.

Life has a way of twisting and turning, curling in and out, up and down and each event is a memory. Whether good or bad, they are all memories and we are the better for them. I hope that you will come to know some of your ancestors and that the baton may be passed on and continued in each of us.

About Family

Our family is the proverbial egg that we were hatched from. Everything about who we are, both our nature and nurture comes from our family. Often in western society, we stray far from our family and may not talk to them for years at a time. We may feel that we have nothing in common with them. We may choose to run away from our roots because they are too painful to face. Ultimately however, our past holds the key to our future. If we do not face where we come from, we will have difficulty understanding our present and future.

To my ancestors, may your spirit live on, to my children, may you come to know us and live your life to the fullest.

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