William Smith

 Zilphie(a) Williams Cohen Vickery’s mother was Nancy Smith daughter of William Smith and first wife Mary Townsend Platt.

This briefing comes from the books of  Folks Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia., Volume I., pages 255-257.

William Smith was a Revolutionary soldier who served in the Georgia Line (p.392 Knight’s Roster of the Revolution).  For his services he was granted 287½ acres in Washington County, April 10, 1785 m(p. 291, Knights Roster of the Revolution).

William Smith was born in Georgia, March 16, 1765, a son of Madison Smith who was born in 1720 in Hampshire, England and emigrated with his father, Madison Smith, Sr., to Georgia in 1733.  He grew up in Liberty County where he lived until 1819 when he moved to the new County of Appling and settled on the Little Satilla River near the Appling and Wayne County line.  He lived there three years and then moved further southward and located on Red Bluff Creek in Appling County, built his home there and cleared up a farm.  This was Lot 149, 7th district of original Appling.  This territory was cut up into Ware County in 1825; into Clinch, 1850; and into Atkinson, 1918.  Mr. Smith lived there until his death July 16, 1841.  He was buried at Arabia cemetery Bethany Church in what is now Clinch County, his being among the first graves in the beautiful snow-white sand cemetery there. 

Mr. Smith was twice married.  His first wife Mary Townsend Platt, was born Jan 2, 1766, and died in Liberty County about 1808, after giving birth to 7 children ( I am descended from this line).  The second wife was Miss Bineta (generally called “Neta” or “Neter”) Stephens, born 1776 in North Carolina.  They were probably married in Tattnall County, and she bore him 8 children. 

Mr. Smith was very active for many years in religious work and was a member of the Baptist Church in Tattnal County, but in 1819 he joined in the organization of Jones Creek Church in Liberty (now Long) County.  He was ordained ot the ministry by Jones Creek Church February 27, 1819.  He was dismissed by letter May 22, 1819, and became a charter member of Little Satilla Baptist Church in Appling County the same year.  His membership remained there until shortly before his death when he helped to organize an “arm” if Union Church at what is now Bethany Church in present Clinch County, in 1841.  He died a few weeks later.

Reverend Smith participated in the organization of the Piedmont Baptist Association, October 20, 1815, at Little Ohoopee Church in Tattnall County, and was a delegate from Jones Creek Church.  In 1819 and 1820 he attended as a delegate from the Little Satilla Church.  He was a moderator of the Association, 1817-1818.  He was appointed to preach the Introductory Sermon at the 1824 Association but failed to attend.

Reverend William Smith died at his home in what was then Ware County July 16, 1841.  He was survived by his second wife and fifteen children.  Mrs. Smith died at her home in Clinch County about 1854 in her 78th year.

For D.A.R. reference, see Mrs. Cora Smith Sweat (a great-granddaughter), member of John Floyd Chapter, Homerville, Ga., Nat. No. 377370.

John Floyd Chapter, D.A.R., marked the grave of this patriot December 3, 1950.  A large number of descendants were present.  Judge W.C.Hodges of Hinesville, a descendant, delivered the main address.

Census References:  1820, Appling; 1830, 1840 Ware; 1850, Ware (widow only).

There is a stone plaque commemorating the life of Mary Townsend Platt located on Garland Smith Lane (Rye Patch Community)_Ludowici, Long County, Georgia  USA, Postal Code: 31316



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