John Williams and Family

 Zilphie(a) Williams Cohen Vickery was the daughter of John Williams and Nancy Smith.  In Clinch County, Georgia, May Term 1882 Zilphie sued her brother Hezekiah Ponder (HP) Williams regarding the settlement of their father’s estate.

This briefing comes from the books of Folks Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia., Volume 8., pages 350-351.

John Williams, early settler of Clinch (now Atkinson) County, was born in this state in 1799.  His first known residence was in Liberty County where he married Nancy Smith Williams, born in 1798, daughter of William Smith, R.S. (Vol 1).  To them were born 10 children.  (Zilpha Williams Cohen Vickery was the third born child of this union and was ancestor to my lineage).

About  1825-30, John Williams and family moved from Liberty County to the 7th land distric of what was then Ware County, and settled on Red Bluff Creek where he acquired lots of land 149 and 174.  His homeplace was on lot 149.  These two lots were in 1850 cut out of Ware into Clinch County, and in 1918 out of Clinch into Atkinson County.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams lived there until they died.  He died in 1881.  Hezekiah Ponder (HP), one of the sons was administrator of the estate.  The lands were divided in kind on April 21, 1881 each heir receiving eighty acres.

Mr. Williams was commissioned May 2, 1827, 1st Lieutenant of the militia in the 586th militia district, serving until Sept. 16, 1830 when he was commissioned Captain in the same district.  He served as Captain two years.

Mr. Williams and wife were buried in the nearby Red Bluff Cemetery, the land for it and the church was given by him soon after the Civil War.

Census References:  1820, Liberty, 1830, 1840, 1850 Ware; 1860, 1870 Clinch.





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